Most Asked Questions

Shared Hosting

Our servers only use SSD for primary and SATA backups, this way you get speed for your website and backups on SATA only. We do this to make your service quality first, but keep your data safe as well.
Our servers are spread out, but our main server is hosted in central US, Dallas, TX to be exact. High quality location and great speeds for nearly all US and some overseas areas too.
No, we don't have any extra or hidden fees. We make sure you are aware of the pricing for anything, this means your seeing us being transparent and honest, upfront on it all.


We can't give you the answer, but if you have an account then you can stream up to the max listed. If you're not sure about what your able to stream at then go to and see your speed.
Every shoutcast comes with 1,000 (1K) for your radio, DJing experience. This means you can have both listeners online or maybe through an app you have or any means possible.
No on our basic plan, but the rest of the plans list the space included with them and also AutoDJ as well. If you're wanting more than what we list, please contact sales.