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Who is DCTS?

Nick and Angelina built DCTS on the sheer principal of wanting to offer nothing to high price, but not also pricey.
We built the company from the ground up and focused on customers, not the high volume of having clients like most companies are focused on.
Our bottom line is about being for the customers rather than about the money more than anything.

DCTS is about having the customer who is happy than seeing them unhappy at the price.

DCTS SolutionsStaff

Our current foundation and staff.

Nick Founder/CEO

Nick Founder/CEO/IT

Founder and CEO, but also gets his hands involved with everything to ensure it runds right.

Angelina Founder/CEO

Angelina Founder/CEO

Wife to Nick and support role to ensure that things are running smoothly for customers.

Our passion

Our has passion has been from the start to be completely, quality based. We aren't about having the best in the world, being able to say we have all the world covered by having servers everywhere, but we want to ensure quality is the main focus of all.

With our passion about quality, it gives us a chance to really take and dig into things, be hands on and make sure things are running the smoothest possible and with no issues.

Our future goals

We aren't like some of the other companies who simply buy up the little guys and then slowly push clients onto the new company, we want to be able to expand and say that we have more locations, more place to provide quality and customer service first before giving into quantity like most companies are about.

We are always willing to take the time on a busy day to listen to clients, others feedback and work to see whether it will be worth it or if it's just a slight demand. We still care what the customer has to say unlike some companies.

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