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About DCTS Solutions

Our company background

We were founded in 2015, by the owners Nick and Lina who are both caring and not greedy. With their past experience of being more passionate about customer service and quality more than being a big named company, having lots of customers. With this it started the steps and goals to begin DCTS Solutions and really push to provide quality and aim at 100% customer satisfaction. Since 2015 they have been offering hosting, shoutcast services on quality servers and not using resellers or cloud based to ensure quality is the highest.

Nick has 11years of server admin experience and maintains the servers with keeping things running smoothly, updating software, tweaking adjustments, etc. Lina has 6years with providing support, answering questions regarding everything. Adam has 5years handling all sales or basic support questions and is a close friend to the owners.

Company Goals

Multiple Data Center locations

We are looking to be expanding beyond the 2 current locations and getting all 6 of the US locations filled with at least 2 servers each for ensuring both quality and uptime is kept at 100%. We will be focusing on more features for all locations, shared, reseller and possibly master and above reseller.

We will be definitely looking to have Chicago (2nd server), Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle.

We are also considering more location globally but will be starting with all parts of the US filled first.

Our Current Staff

DCTS Staff Members